Discipline ~ Show Up


“We have to lay down the very thing we’ve used our whole life to get what we want, for something greater to occur.”~Dr Joe Dispenza

Do you have a love-hate relationship with the word discipline? It’s a word that conjures up unpleasant emotions.  Contrary to traditional belief, discipline is not a punishment. It is an intentional practice where we engage with constructive discomfort.

When we decide what we want, what happens next? Change. We choose to do something different to move in a direction that better aligns with our desires. It sounds easy, but it’s not. When we move into the change arena, we quickly feel compelled to reach back into our old habits for comfort.

The funny thing about comfort, it often leads to discomfort. Comfort habits (food, sleep, social media, drinking, etc.) eventually makes us uncomfortable. And then we overuse what we are familiar with. It might help to remember that comfort is temporary. So is discomfort.

So what do we do?

Today’s Tip: –  Show up!

  1. Remember your goal. Your desire. It’s what you decided you want more than habituated comfort.
  2. Show up! One minute at a time. And Keep showing up repeatedly. Like bathing and brushing your teeth. It’s temporary so we do it more than once.
  3. Encourage yourself and allow others to share in your journey. Celebrate your wins.

We don’t live our entire life in one minute. We simply need to be in THIS minute. Be mindful, decide, then show up. Discipline is a gift, choice, and practice.ComfortZone.Showup