M.B.A. – Keep Your Eye on the Ball

We often hear counsel to keep our eye on the ball. It may be literal, in reference to a game we are playing or striving to master. . . It may also be figurative, to open our minds and awareness to what we might not otherwise notice.

As we explore the newness of a world that seems chaotic, we can choose to be curious or critical. We can be both. Before we jump to conclusions or strive to redirect another person, what if we keep our eye on the ball… our own?

Moods are tough to manage. They are also the foundation of behavior. It’s common for us to read about or blurt our our own opinions in an attempt to find familiar territory, only to further isolate ourselves from the connection we seek. The practice and application of Emotional Intelligence allows space for us to explore and invest our energy with intention.


When you find yourself in the midst of conflict or wondering why you can’t get people to cooperate, think about your M.B.A. Moods, Behavior and Accountability. Keep your eye on the ball. Notice what people do when they don’t have the ball and how they perceive the ball. It’s not the same for each of us. Self awareness is the foundation for meaningful connections. Connect with your own M.B.A. for the win!