Valerie Fullmer-Wiggins, CTACC


Email: valerie@3dlivingcenter.com 

Valerie is the Founder and Principal of 3D Living Center, LLC, The Consulting, Training and Coaching Advantage to Get Your Shift Together. She is an Intuitive Feedback and HeartMath® Certified Coach, specializing in Emotional Intelligence, DiSC® and Mindfulness. She believes that honoring clear visibility of our sameness – equal to our differences – helps eliminate the tensions that stand in the way of a truly inclusive society.

Valerie’s background includes decades as the Employee Experience and Cultural Advocacy leader for a global financial institution. Her career has focused on employee engagement, inclusion and diversity, education, awareness and relationship-building. Her keen awareness of internal engagement and excavating the unspoken or unnoticed experiences of individuals and team members helps open the arena for an inclusive, diverse and highly engaged team.


HM-HCM-Cert Coach-V3

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