Workplace Wellness 9/9 and 910/20

Coherent Connections 9/10/20


I am looking forward to the collaboration of leaders who share a passion for wellness at work. This Summit is sponsored by Community Strong SCC, Strong, a health initiative to improve the health and well-being of St. Charles County and an EDC Business & Community Partners.

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Did “AND” get Banned?

This morning I read the heartfelt words of a mother. . . committed to her belief, bravely exploring the transitioning wilderness and leading her family into new life chapters. Seasons always change. Day and night. Summer and Winter. Fall and Spring. Full moon and half-moon. We favor the tidiness of the two extremes of this OR that.  However, the beauty is often discovered in the transitions. . .the not so finite in-between. Amidst the space of both day and night, we witness the glory of “AND”. A beautiful sunset / sunrise happens between high noon and midnight. The blossoms of spring and the rich fall colors of changing foliage speak to the ongoing cycle of depletion and renewal.

There is a reverence for transition. We stop and appreciate what is – along with what will be. Think about the birth of a child – and the passing life of someone we love. We slow down to be fully present. Emotionally, intellectually, and physically. Those memories last forever. Yet, somewhere along our adulthood evolution, in pursuit of “success” we dismissed curiosity. We became so educated, credentialed, informed and committed that we sterilized life. Amidst our laser-focus we developed a substantial blind spot.

A parent is always a parent. A child is always someone’s child. Even after they are “gone”.  How can we resist inclusion? There are numerous crossroads: Mask or no mask? Republican or Democrat? Scientific or Spiritual? Love or Hate? Pro or Anti? Work or Play? And so, it goes. . .

The release of our beloved children – at ANY age requires profound strength, courage and resilience. Loving is not easy. Enduring harsh critique is often crushing. The important moments we fail to offer curiosity in lieu of rigidity – we generate chaos. Rigidity generates the exact confusion and isolation that we seek to escape.

We share this world, this time and life experience. How can we continue to argue or condemn those who are different from ourselves? Our ability to love in such a way that others feel free, is a gift. And it is currently scarce if you follow news, social media, politics, etc.

Perhaps in this wild ride of 2020 bursting with unknowns and never-thought-of experiences, we could expand rather than contract. Is it possible for us to connect? Can we bring authenticity without apology or promotion? Are we willing to BE humane without moralizing or warring with others who are unlike us?  Have we become so educated that we can no longer learn? Have we been reduced to OR?

Awareness, empathy and resilience are emotional intelligence skills that can be learned – at ANY time. These qualities welcome curiosity and create a rich tapestry in our livelihood. The question is – who is willing to not “know” everything?


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Too Much Stress? Is It Time To Do Something About it?

timeSelf Awareness is the foundation to Emotional Intelligence. That includes stress. 

Everyone responds to stress differently. Use this checklist to assess the impact stress is having on your life and if it’s time to do something about it?


Are  you ignoring stress signals and reaching the end of your rope?


Is it time to do something about it? 


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When Work is Not What You Expect?

It’s still early in the week and people are already expressing frustration. August tends to be a hectic time of year. End of summer, finishing vacations and preparing for back to school. And . . . We are STILL contending with the disruption of a pandemic, various political and scientific sides of the “debate”, while we come together to engage in earning our livelihood. Work.  It’s an arena that brings us together and it can showcase or exaggerate our differences.

In his book, Awake at Work, Michael Carroll shares principles for discovering clarity and balance in the midst of work’s chaos.

solve.workSimply put, “work is never quite what we expect, and being successful at our jobs is never as simple as we hope.

Keep in mind – Carroll’s book as published in 2006 – BEFORE Covid-19, before all of the new complexity of disruptions and chaos we are now navigating. Yet, we continue the struggle to reconcile our desire for the ideal work experience through the wild-ride-of-daily-life experience. Is there a way we can successfully engage with each other AND our work  with the messy hand we are dealt?

  • Wouldn’t it be wonderful if work was more than a frustration or imposition in our plans?
  • What would it be like if we were able to show up with curiosity instead of armed with our opinions?
  • How can we move forward while successful and compassionately engaged at work?

Maybe this uncharted terrain is exactly what we need. It requires that we pause and examine our attitudes complete with preferred and well-trained habits. Is there room to consider that these “complications” are exactly what we’ve been looking for and what we need?

“If we examine work closely, we will notice that whatever gets messy with our jobs demands that we slow down and pay attention. The difficulties go to the front of the line … and stare us straight in the face. But all too often, rather than responding with the resourceful attention that the situation requires, we dig in and resist.

“Resisting work’s difficulties and hoping for smooth sailing is pointless.

“What is required is surprisingly ordinary: simply to be who we are where we are, to subtly shift from getting somewhere fast to being somewhere completely.

“. . . By genuinely being ourselves in the present moment, we naturally become alert, open an d unusually skillful?

“Work . . . unfolds on its terms not ours. . .

We can be awake as it unfolds or we can resist – a choice we can and will make moment by moment for the rest of  our lives.”*

There could be a window of opportunity to play with disruption and problems. The next time the unplanned shows up – experiment with it. Challenge yourself to engage, instead of resist. Work  is WORK. . . not a problem to solve. Each situation may require a shift in approach, additional or fewer tools, or a change in perspective.

Work is WORK and Life is LIFE . They are not problems to solve, they have moments with unplanned encounters.

Every moment we are handed the opportunity to choose joy or resentment.

How will you engage with your choices?

*Excerpts from Awake At Work, by Michael Carroll

2020 Has Changed

COVID19 Won’t Last Forever –

How Will You Thrive?


2020 has changed our life and business experience, making it tough to connect with clients, colleagues and friends. 3D Living Center, LLC  is ready to help you skillfully maneuver these challenging times.

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M.B.A. – Keep Your Eye on the Ball

We often hear counsel to keep our eye on the ball. It may be literal, in reference to a game we are playing or striving to master. . . It may also be figurative, to open our minds and awareness to what we might not otherwise notice.

As we explore the newness of a world that seems chaotic, we can choose to be curious or critical. We can be both. Before we jump to conclusions or strive to redirect another person, what if we keep our eye on the ball… our own?

Moods are tough to manage. They are also the foundation of behavior. It’s common for us to read about or blurt our our own opinions in an attempt to find familiar territory, only to further isolate ourselves from the connection we seek. The practice and application of Emotional Intelligence allows space for us to explore and invest our energy with intention.


When you find yourself in the midst of conflict or wondering why you can’t get people to cooperate, think about your M.B.A. Moods, Behavior and Accountability. Keep your eye on the ball. Notice what people do when they don’t have the ball and how they perceive the ball. It’s not the same for each of us. Self awareness is the foundation for meaningful connections. Connect with your own M.B.A. for the win!