Follow-Through: Finish Your Swing!

Golf. It’s an interesting sport. I was familiar with it, but didn’t play or take a lesson until I was in my 40’s. If you’ve played you know that watching and playing are worlds apart.  Quickly I discovered there was much to learn as I transitioned from armchair critic to negotiating with my ball and club. My best intentions morphed into sweating, frustrations and swearing at the ball. . . as if it had a mind of its own.  My want to and my “can-do” were out of whack.  Funny how that works, in golf and life.


To clarify, I am a student of the game. I like golf . . . and sometimes I hate it. It’s a metaphor for so many things. I have explored infinite gadgets, opinions, and possibilities, but if I wish to play, I have to do 3 things: 1. Decide. 2. Show-up and 3. Follow-Through. Over and over again. For 18 holes. We won’t talk about my scores. My game is earnest, not pretty.

Follow-through is as important as anything else. It’s where the game comes together or falls apart. Perfect back-swing and contact in the sweet-spot of the ball are good, but when I don’t follow-through, my experience becomes a frustrating hook, shank and slice-fest. Follow-through completes the swing, not contact with the ball.

It was a big ah-ha for me. I was the poster-child for hard work, grit and determination to achieve success. Then came golf. A harder or more determined swing did not improve my game. I had to find my swing and follow-through. Practice and play.  And allow space for some success and some failure. It co-exists. Like everything else.

Today’s Tip: Follow-Through and Finish Your Swing!

  1. Decide: prepare to play
  2. Show-up: Find your swing
  3. Follow-through! Finish your swing. Again and again.

Anyone who’s played golf with me knows that I sing while I play. It reminds me to follow-through and complete my swing with my song. Follow-through! Finish your swing, your goal, your project, your creation, etc. Sing if you must. Keep going.

Image is a strobe picture of Bobby Jones golf swing (source: