Super-Charged Strangers

You will see in the world, what you carry in your heart.

What do you see?


Life:  The rise and fall. Throughout it we give and we take. People come and go, just like attention. Much of our energy spend is in our head. . . and we forget what’s at the center of our existence ~ the HEART . ♥

Today, after sharing a heart-focused breathing technique with a friend, we debriefed. It was eventually helpful, but not in the beginning. The instruction was to focus on the area of the heart, then we moved into the technique. She said, “First, I had to find my heart. Once I found it, then I could focus on it. I had forgotten about it.”

We live, love and work in a sea of information. Our minds are super-charged while we are strangers to our hearts. They are not enemies, but how often do we encourage them to work together? Wouldn’t it be magnificent if they did?

Our personal, professional and social lives have BIG demands. We deliver our best to others. Think about it. How many times have you collapsed into a chair, exhausted after a long day? It may be the first time you’ve had to yourself.  Where did you go? What did you trade your life for today?  What did you notice?

Thoughts, attention and efforts vary, but the heart stays. We usually take it for granted until something falls apart. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Whether you have a team of one or many, the heart remains. We can’t function without it. Every relationship has heart. As a leader- your team  symbolizes your heart. Individually and collectively the heart sustains all that we are and do. Our wellness and success will fall apart unless we find our heart and care for it.

Today – find your heart.

Imagine breathing life through it. What do you see? 

You must stop looking at the world through your head. 

You must look through your heart instead.

~ Elizabeth Gilbert