“Between stimulus and response there is a space.

In that space is our power to choose our response.

In our response lies our growth and freedom.”

~Viktor E. Frankl


Our  success and happiness are created between what happens and how we respond. Sometimes the space between stimulus and response seems like a nano-second. We get accustomed to moving and reacting quickly. Think about it. Traffic, deadlines,  and pressure demand so much that we spend most of our energy before lunch. . . leaving us depleted and not at our best.

Energy is fluid. Imagine that its water in a bucket. Now imagine that bucket is your only source of water all day. When you take a drink , you’ll need to find time to refill if you want to still have water later in the day.  Some of us have many people drinking from our bucket. . . How full is your bucket?

Buckets spill. Some are full of holes. Noticing your bucket and refilling periodically increase the potential of  having enough water throughout your day. If you fail to notice or refill, you will run out of water before you run out of day.  Same goes with your energy.

Our energy shows up in thoughts and emotions. How we think and how we feel drive our behaviors. Have you noticed what’s in your bucket? Is your energy full or depleted? It starts with noticing. Proactive or reactive, it’s up to you.

Consider this: 

  1. Behavior is the product of our thoughts & emotions
  2. The things we notice create our experience
  3. How we manage our energy shows up in our behavior
  4. Behavior is a choice
  5. Decide.



We each have a bucket. If you’re feeling cranky – you’re bucket is probably low or empty. If your people around you are cranky – they may have an empty bucket. Open the space between stimulus and response. Find where you can refill, renew and replenish. Notice your bucket – – -your energy. Success and happiness usually include a full bucket.