Facing Choices

Everyone  has a “start” to our day. . . a unique way of transition from rest to activity. What choices do you face each morning? Which are mindful and which are habituated? Where do you wear a mask? WHY?

facing choices

Authentically facing your day is a choice. It’s when you honor your personality, values, and spirit, regardless of the pressure to act otherwise. That’s not to say you won’t need to adjust your approach from time to time. You can make intentional adjustments while sustaining your authenticity. It’s how to connect, build and nurture trust, in all of your relationships.

It isn’t always easy to be authentic.  Mindfulness is a practice of being aware and engages you with each moment as it arrives. You won’t always know the right thing immediately, but you bring integrity when you are fully yourself.

In his book Awake At Work , Michael Carroll writes,

“By connecting to the place where we feel most authentic in the work, we can go beyond role playing in our jobs. In turn, an “ethics of authenticity” emerges and real work moves forward.”

Today’s Tip:                                                                                                                                      

  • Notice the different faces / masks you wear
    • Ask yourself:
      • How does this mask serve my relationship?
      • What am I hiding and why?
      • Will this mask strengthen my relationship or does it create a divide/gap?
  • Notice the choices you face
    • Ask yourself:
      • What am I doing well? (authenticity)
      • What could I do differently or better? (adjust)
      • How can I face future choices authentically, and where will I adjust?

You can change proactively or re-actively.

“Most people wait for crisis, trauma, disease or diagnosis
to make up their mind to change.
And my message is why wait?”

~Dr. Joe Dispenza