Social Distancing & Technology

When I was  young, my parents gave me a transistor radio. It was mustard yellow and had the option for AM or FM. There was even an antenna. My parents worked to help me understand the difference between AM and FM. It didn’t really matter much to me. What I wanted most was to listen to the music that made me feel happy. It worked!

Connecting with music made my heart feel full and happy. It still does.

Today, as I was listening to news updates and reading about the value and necessity of Social Distancing, I felt more grateful for technology. Through the collaborative efforts of many – I have the ability to connect with friends and family without being in the same physical space. And hearing their voices or reading their words and seeing their pictures made my heart happy, just like music. The connections feel like music of the heart.

So many people are working to honor the need to shelter in place, self-quarantine and simply stay home or learning how to distance socially. This is easier for some and more difficult for others. However, if we hold space so that our most vulnerable lives might be spared the suffering of this disease, let us remember to connect authentically.

We may feel isolated or lonely, but we don’t have to. We can call, text, send pics or videos. People are exploring new methods of helping, connecting and encouraging well being. Our emotions ebb and flow. We need connection. So how do we do that while honoring the instructions for social distancing? Connect with the heart. Reach out, listen, encourage and see if your connections can amplify compassion and encouragement just like a transistor radio did for me so many years ago.

Honor Social Distancing ~ and ~ Honor the need for Connection. Technology can build the bridge that isolation does not. Bring music and joy to the people in your arena. We are in this together.


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