Are You Tuned In?

Did you know . . .

Gallup finds only 1 in 3 US workers are engaged.

How Tuned in are YOU?
  • 50% of time wasted in business is due to lack of trust, a key EI skill
  • 80% of workers experience stress & anxiety on the job, 50% say they need help learning how to manage it
  • Disengaged employees waste 34% of their annual salary: that’s $3,400 for every $10K in salary – per employee
  • Companies with highly engaged employees show earnings-per-share levels 2.6x higher than those with low engagement
  • The reason for losing customers and clients are 70% EI-related
  • EQ Training ROI = $6 for every $1**

Is your team strategically equipped to innovate and explore the possibilities – ESPECIALLY during times of confusion?

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Sources: Gallup, UC, Berkeley, Daniel Goleman, Center for Creative Leadership, NIH (National Institute of Health)

** Cherniss – Emotional Intelligence in Organizations