How to Get What You Want

With so many options available, why is it tough to get what we want?

How do you invest your attention? Are you easily distracted? What gets most of your energy? Do you plan well, and hustle only to find yourself in the same space – day after day? Are you easily distracted?

We crave something more or different than what we have. Have you ever noticed how much time and energy is given to complaining, talking about what went wrong – or ALMOST went wrong, and who’s at fault? Wishing, worrying, complaining and blaming are all huge energy drains. They deplete us and wear us down. After awhile, these are habits that keep us unfulfilled and unhappy.

What if you exchanged your old habits for some that provided you with better support? How can you get MORE of what you DO want and less of what you don’t? It’s not complicated. It takes some coherent focus, intentional and repeated practice, but it’s possible. Here’s how:

  1. Identify what choices are available. Brainstorm with friends or colleagues.
  2. Get clear on what you want.(Get as clear about this as you are about the things you do NOT want)
  3. Pick one thing. Make a decision – write it down.
  4. Go and get it.

When you get distracted, remember what you want. You chose it. You are in charge of YOU. Be on purpose…

Now go get it.

Go get what your heart desires.