M.O.P. with Heart

Life – is fast and can get chaotic. We charge our phones, refill our gas tanks and clean our homes, yet we often put our own wellbeing after “things”. Caring for ourselves actually helps us be better, if we invite our heart.

Try to pause, remember to breathe and reconnect with heart qualities (care, compassion, connection). Start with one minute. You don’t have to be a “meditator” to practice. Pause, breathe feelings of care and appreciation and feel your heart. Your magnificent heart. Start with one minute. a quick 60 seconds. Build from there. Because in the words of Sharon Salzberg,

“Distraction wastes our energy. Concentration restores it.”

So if you have to wait in traffic, or before your next meeting… MOP with heart. MOP – Moment of Pause – with Heart to help calm and regulate your racing nervous system. When you feel better, you perform better, from a place of balanced focus instead of frenetic multi-tasking chaos. Which will you choose?

We can help get your practice started.

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