Flowers or Weeds

Its spring and I saw a picture that caught my attention. It had flowers and a quote by William Wordsworth,

“If one daffodil is worth a thousand pleasures,

then one is too few.”


And I thought about the act of gratitude. Why do we struggle to remember human connection or express appreciation? Thank you is simple yet it’s not as common as gossip or complaining. If our actions were plants, we’d see we plant more weeds than flowers. Why do we do that?

Being the recipient of gratitude has a powerful impact when done sincerely and timely. It’s energizing and sparks innovation and encourages the recipient to be at their best. What if one expression of gratitude was worth a thousand productive minutes or a thousand smiles or a thousand of what you value most? Would you appreciate more frequently?

As you notice new life while spring unfolds full of flowers and new blossoms, consider what your relationship garden looks like. Are you planting flowers or weeds? If one thank you sparks a thousand positive moments imagine what several might produce.