What Happens Next



*I passed a man today, asking passersby for $$ to get food. I decided to go to 7 11 …bought 2 pizza slices & a drink. I went back… “I bought you Pizza & a Coke!”

He looked at me …instead of thank you, said “PIZZA? I’d rather a burger & fries!” I said, well …I have pizza.

“Here you go sir, enjoy!” He grabbed the bag.

For a minute I thought, WHAT…no thank you?

I guess sometimes you offer your best  …and it’s not received how you feel it should be.


But it dawned on me …I didn’t do that for his appreciation …I did it because he was hungry.

His response wasn’t about me, it was about him!

I accomplished what I set out to …get him something to eat …not change his character.

Point is, choosing an action, is the only part of the interaction you control. What happens next isn’t your call.

That doesn’t mean you should stop doing it. Just because it didn’t land how you envisioned, makes it no less valuable.

Act with the only expectation of following through. That’s within your power.

I think the same is often the case in business. Put in every effort to always present your best, regardless of controlling the outcome.

Maybe the next person I buy food for …will say thank you.

Maybe your next deal …will land!

Maybe your recognition and appreciation mean more than you know.

And . . .


*This message comes from Bonnie Sussman Strominger, LinkedIn post: Click Here