What it is…not


You’ve probably heard someone declare, “It is what it is.”   I find it confusing.  So I frequently ask the question,  “What is {it}?” and the answer is almost always, “What it is.”

Clear as mud.

The statement seems to suggest acceptance. If it is what it is, why do people pour out so much of their precious time and energy critiquing what IS  and complaining about what it is NOT.

What do you want?

Today’s tip:  What it is . . . not

1.Clarify what “it” is. Decide and devote your energy to that.

2.If you’ve been complaining, stop.

3.Stop talking about what it is not. Silence is better than confusion.

Decide what you want. Show up and give it your attention. Boycott investing time and attention into what you do not want.  After all, if it is what it is, that says it all.