Get Your Shift Together: Elevate Your Vibe

“Everything in life is vibration.” ~ Albert Einstein


Vibration and shift are about movement. All living things are in constant motion. Some move faster than others. Just ask the parent who’s tried to keep up with the kids and ALL of their activities.

Vibe can be defined as:

  • A feeling or quality capable of being sensed
  • To be in harmony
  • To convey a sense of (a place, a feeling, etc.)
  • To enjoy music

Talking about feelings can make us uneasy, so we deploy euphemisms like culture, engagement, approval and experience. Professionals rely on complex criteria, metrics and surveys to understand the vibe within their organization; corporations, teams, religions, politicians and consumers. Statistics and strategic talking points crowd our news, thoughts and social gatherings. And quickly we are overwhelmed and in the midst of conflict.

How is it that our data rich influence, gloss and analytics often miss the personal experience or vibe? And WHY do we debate it? Vibes are feelings, not a curriculum or  law. Feelings are unique and untidy energy that move us to connect and engage ~ or ~ withdraw and disengage.  To debate a personal experience is as effective as arguing with the weather.

What is your vibe: personally or professionally and how can you elevate it?  Is it possible to change how you perceive and respond?  Vibes are contagious. If you don’t like what’s happening around you, get your shift together and elevate your vibe.

Today’s Tip: GYST ~ Elevate Your Vibe  

  1. Self-Awareness: Pause and consider where you are now. If your current or dominant vibe were a song, what would it be? Describe the song / music / lyrics.
    • How does it align with your priorities?
    • Is it in harmony?
    • Can you change your genre? Are you stuck? Do you need some encouragement?
  2. Practice: We are what we repeatedly do. Here are a few ideas to implement:
    • RAIN: Stop and list 3-5 things that are Right About It Now
    • Mindfulness: As you connect with what is ~ here and NOW, you are more harmonious.
    • Focus on a positive feeling. Next, try to re-experience the feeling. Stay with it. Can you sustain the shift?
    • Uplifting Consumption: Ensure you listen to, watch, read etc. information that is uplifting and supports raising your vibe.
  3. Reflect: Allow yourself to look back on your experience.
    • How did you: Feel? Adjust? Respond?
    • What did you do well?
    • What do you want to do differently?
    • What did you learn?

Every person, team, organization, and encounter has a vibration; a quality that can be sensed. We don’t need more data. What we need is to get our shift together, raise our awareness, focus on what we DO want and respond with care.  Our experience starts on the inside and resonates out.

“Learning to activate uplifting heart qualities sends a different signal from the heart to the brain. It can change how we perceive and respond to situations” ~ Debbie Rozman