From Judgment to Curiosity

Our work can get messy. There are problems. We apply various practices and strive to be mindful and successful at work. And still work gets messy. Today’s success is not a one-and-done deal. One size does NOT fit all.  Yesterday’s brilliant “win” may not help today.

Our plans for achievement in the beginning are generally not what we end up with.  Not even close. By it’s very nature work and life are unpredictable and messy. Daily we encounter the chaotic and surprising.

Chaos can affect us directly and personally. We show up expecting one thing and get quite another. Predictable unpredictability happens to us all. In the midst of the surprises we can discover a path filled with continued learning, if we are open. Curiosity influences the engagement and impacts our ability to work skillfully in the moment.

Anyone can be a critic. Being curious and open to connections and learning are what differentiate us and promote our collective success. Is there space for you to shift from judgment to curiosity? What path and learning will you and your team explore?