Appreciation: A Click Away


Wouldn’t it be great if what we truly wanted was only a click away? Remember the scene in the Wizard of Oz, where Dorothy wanted nothing more than to go home? Little did she know she was empowered with that option all along.  Unfortunately, she got distracted by the events going on around her. Only after she had exhausted all of her fantastic options, was she able to recognize how to get what she wanted. With a few clicks of her heels, she was home.

Life isn’t much different. We spend our resources chasing dreams and deadlines. When we aren’t doing that, we generally keep moving to ensure we get somewhere fast. Our business creates complexity and we tend to get distracted but continue spinning our wheels. After chasing everything else, we surrender to the moment with occasional glimpse of clarity . . . and we are able to more mindfully connect with our core values and others.

Higher level mood states promote a strong sense of gratitude and appreciation.  Isn’t it interesting that when we are in a good frame of mind, thanking others is a natural component of interacting and not a task or chore? We have technology that supports connecting with and appreciating people. Saying thank you is only a click away. Technology drains us or energizes us, depending on how we are engaging with it.click2

Whether your day feels like you’ve been blown into a strange place like Oz, or your day is not as interesting or adventurous, thanking others will lift the moods and thinking of the giver and the receiver. Higher level mood states, lead to higher level decision-making. Higher level decisions support better environment and work experience. They also connect us with the people and core values, leaving less room for distractions.

Want to have a better day – it’s a click away. . . call, text, email, video, leverage social media, etc. Thank someone, stop chasing what doesn’t last and determine where you are and where you want to be. Thank a colleague. It’s a click away.