Tune In: It’s part of the jam


Music is a universal language with a power to elevate, liberate and unite. Music reminds us there’s something in addition to “me” in the world. We share space; a planet, home, neighborhood, bus, traffic light, airport, job, boss, goal, etc. – with a desire for connection and space to belong.

Even with a universal language and broad commonalities, we navigate and surrender to immense differences. Both social and broadcast media hype up our disparity and dominate our attention. Our sense of connection collapses under the deep divisive banter. Quickly what differentiates us morphs into mockery or contempt; sizing up and sorting through the people in our shared space, limiting any sense of belonging.

When we scan for threats and parade our differences, we distance ourselves from the exact place we belong. Living and working like this depletes our energy.  We can spend years demanding others apologize and change or convert to our way, while we continue in self-deception. . . Or we could tune in and listen to the music.

You may prefer smooth jazz, heavy metal, country or rap. Thanks to technology we can bring our favorite music where we go. Have you ever listened to your favorite music on a challenging day? It’s magical. You get transported from a bad mood, play favorite music, BIG SHIFT into happier mood. Poof! It’s equally magic seeing the transformation in another person . . . Walking down the street and there they are, open-hearted-total-body dancing, without a care in the world. Magnificent! And . . . contagious! Their dancing elevates our mood. We would certainly benefit with more.

At work, home or our commute – what if we considered that people’s “dance” at work, life, love, etc. varies depending on the genre? Is it possible to shift from showcasing differences as potential threats to tuning in to and dancing with the people around us?  There have been sightings around the world!  Not so much at work, home or the highway.

Did you know that people pay money, travel and join a crowd of strangers to watch, listen, sing and dance?  There’s not much notice on political or religious difference. Instead, there’s an understanding. Everyone somehow acknowledges a shared interest. The differences are immaterial. The performance and music unite those who might otherwise be enemies. Theater and concerts. . .

Why do we only celebrate at the concert? What if we invite celebration and understanding into our work and personal arena? The artist needs to harmonize and collaborate with other musicians and instruments, just like we live and work with others. The differences are notable. But tuning in is usually part of the jam.

Today’s Tip:

  • Tune In.
  • Observe.
  • Chances are that your favorite genre has more than one music note, person or instrument. Listen to and celebrate harmonic connection. It’s contagious and feels like magic!


There IS “something besides us in this universe; harmonic connection between all    . . . everywhere.”

(Robin Williams)