Don’t Keep It Secret

Its no secret that over 50% of employees do not feel appreciated. They continue to show up and contribute in exchange for their paycheck. It’s not how it started. Most people begin their jobs with enthusiasm and varying degrees of hope for the future.  As time passes and they are overlooked and under-appreciated, their enthusiasm fades. So does their willingness to do more.

When faced with this feedback, most managers are either surprised or defensive. After all, they have “an open door policy” and their teams “knows they can come” to them anytime. Yea – but that’s not how it works. Humans are living, breathing, feeling beings.

Thinking thoughts of gratitude is cool, but it only benefits the thinker. Appreciation is more than a check mark or an award on the wall. Appreciation is a FEELING event. . . and an act of communicating value and praise for something to someone. Think about it. When’s the last time you FELT appreciated?

Appreciation connects people and reinforces the preferred behaviors and contributions. If you keep it a secret, then your highest contributors will find someplace else to work, live, volunteer, etc.

Today’s tip:

Take time to appreciate the people you value.

Or they might find someone else who will.