Infobesity Leads to Panic

Our current state of technology and a flood of information is a double-edged sword. On one side, things tend to run more effectively and information empowers us to accomplish more in one day than our ancestors could in a life time. On the flip side – its chaos. . . which seems to be a common experience. A state of overwhelm that begins to manifest in a state of survival.

There is a term for the chaos side: It’s INFOBESITY.  An excess of information that complicates rational decision-making. Simply put: Information Overload. When we get overwhelmed, we move from generous and creative mindsets to survival, critical and competitive. There might be a middle way. It is up to each of us to manage opening that space.

So as we all focus on being wise decision makers, and conscious consumers, it’s important to manage and perhaps limit the amount of social and media input. Too much is a hoard. Prolonged it’s not helpful.  It generates fear, cultivates a sense of lack and panic.

Information is good, when balanced with humanity. We all share this planet and the same basic needs.

Today’s tip: Leverage technology and information wisely. 

  • Compassionately and collaboratively navigate choices. Each person we encounter may be doing their best. They may have a different approach or style.
  • It is not helpful for us to scold or criticize others.
  • We cannot manage or control others. We can only manage ourselves and our choices.
  • Self Care: Manage information intake and verbal and emotive output:
    • Practice mindfulness ~ Be in each moment.
    • Consider heart-focused breathing.
    • and remember:

We are all in this together!