Shift Over-Care to Balanced Care

Is it possible to care deeply without depleting our energy or harming our health?


Genuine care and compassion are two of the most life-fulfilling coherent heart qualities we can cultivate.

♥    However, it’s so easy for our care to turn into worry, anxiety, energy drain, and burn out – what we call the overcare syndrome .

♥   We can prevent much of this with a little practice once we know how.

Excessive worry is easy to justify because it fools us into thinking that amped up worrying is when we are caring the most.

♥   However, research has shown that constant worrying not only drains energy but blocks us from seeing creative choices and solutions.

Taking charge of our personal energy is something no one else can do for us.

Today’s Tip: Shift from Overcare to Balanced Care. 

Shifting from Overcare to Balanced Care


Calm emotions help create space that enables intuitive access

for clearer discernment and choices.