Determination – The Heart Knows


The brain may think, but the heart knows.”

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Our heart is the center everything. It sustains our life, personally and professionally. It’s our center for “emotion”, the feeling function. There’s big business in measuring the condition of the heart:   companies send surveys to analyze and determine client and employee satisfaction. Doctors have a myriad of technology to measure the physical functions. And we still tend to over-focus on logic at the expense of the heart.

The brain has an executive function; however, it doesn’t function without the heart.

We credit the heart for mind-blowing success and devastating love-lost. It knows hope, optimism and grief. And we tend to minimize our hearts until there’s a problem. Indeed, our relationship with the heart is complicated, and yet it keeps beating.

For example: a heartbeat of 80 beats-per-minute translates into about 115,000 beats per day or 42 million times per year. What else do you do reliably 42 million times a year?

Determined!    Determination.            De-Termination.

Determination is a quality of continuing, or trying to or achieve something difficult; the act of officially deciding. The word termination is to end, conclude, or the act of deciding definitely and firmly. The prefix, de means to do the opposite of, the reverse of something.

If frustration or discouragement tempt you to quit, remember your heart. Consider this: Rest, don’t quit.

Determination Tip – Take Heart:  

  • Place your hand over your heart. ~ Do you feel that? That’s determination! You already have it!
  • Remember: Stopping is not always quitting. But quitting is always stopping.

When you get discouraged, move your attention to the area of your heart. Take a deep breath and remember, to rest, not quit. Your brain might think you should quit. Get a second opinion, because the heart knows.