Decide – We Don’t Need More Time


What do you want? Is it a wish, an idea or a desire? What’s the difference? Action! A desire is such a strong feeling it moves us into action.

So, what do we do first? Decide. In all the mental noise and activity, we can pause to figure out what is our desire. If it’s truly a desire, something we want enough to DO something for it,  we need to be specific and be clear.

Think about it. Most of us can effortlessly rant about what bothers us. For some reason, it doesn’t take as much effort to define what we don’t like. And that “don’t like” focus is exactly where our attention and energy go. . . Until we decide what we DO want. Deciding is a game-changer.

Today’s tip – Decide:

  1. Pause, mindfully to reflect. Ask yourself, “What do I want?
  2. “Is it something I’m willing to invest my time, attention and effort?”
  3. Decide. Your decision, and answering your inquiry, is how you move desire from thought into action.

We must first meet ourselves ~ where we are, to determine what we want before we can move toward it with intention. Desire is the thought. Decision is the first step.  We don’t need more time; we simply need to decide.

What will you do with your attention today?