Get Your Shift Together – Practice Stillness


Every day begins with endless possibilities. A new day ~ a new opportunity. Our best intentions dance with a plethora of disruptions and competing priorities. It’s baffling how quickly things fall apart. Without a plan or practice in place, we experience meltdowns long before we calm down.

Good news, we can strengthen our calm composure. It takes time, practice and encouragement. Every time we mindfully calm down and connect with our breath and body, we practice. We pause to fill ourselves with ourselves instead of projecting an imaginative role we believe we are expected to portray. We respond to our internal discomfort with an internal solution.

Today’s Tip – Practice Stillness

  1. Schedule time daily for stillness, even if it’s 5 minutes.
  2. Mindfully bring your attention to your breath. Feel each breath bringing life and calm into your body.
  3. Meet yourself with awareness, compassion and gratitude.
  4. When your mind wanders, notice and return your attention to your breath.
  5. As you conclude your practice, bring your experience~ the memory and feeling with you throughout the day.

Experiment and explore the spaces of stillness. What happens if you calm down before you melt down? Can you be curious more often than you are critical? Can you support yourself and your practice?  Let’s see what happens.

“Learning to calm down instead of melting down takes time, practice and encouragement” ~Ariadne Brill